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Michigan teacher missing since May; foul play suspected by police FOUND

UPDATE 10/25/7 – Authorities also said during a press conference that Christopher left behind a message with a map showing where Theresa’s body was.  He also confessed to killing her.  The body found has been confirmed to be Theresa.

UPDATE 10/25/17 – The media is reporting to day that Christopher left “clues” as to the location of Theresa’s body before he died.  A tip received around 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 24, led the police to the location of a body, partially buried in Allegan County’s Valley Township.  No explanation was given as to where the tip came from but sources have told media that it was clues that Christopher had left behind.  The police told CBS News that the body had been there “for quite some time.”  They also stated it looked as though recent rain and exposed some of the remains.

The remains were taken to the medical examiner for positive identification of the body.

UPDATE 10/24/17 – Christopher Lockhart was found dead in his Portage home.  He died of suicide.  He failed to report for a scheduled 10 a.m. meeting with authorities. The Portage Department of Public Safety said in a statement that Lockhart’s electronic tether had not indicated any movement for several hours when he was found.

UPDATE 8/1/17 – Christopher Lockhart was arrested on Monday, July 31, 2017 for tampering with an electronic device.  He was also arrested on July 21 for violating his terms of his bond by failing to test on his sober link unit.

UPDATE 7/7/17 – Christopher Lockhart was arrested on July 6 for malicious destruction of property, when he cut his neighbor’s air conditioning and internet lines.

Original story:  Theresa Lockhart, 44, has been missing from Portage, Michigan since May 2017.   On May 15, Theresa called in sick to the Schoolcraft High School where she teaches Spanish.  The next two days she did the same thing.  The rest of the week she didn’t show up for work, but she stopped calling the school to let them know.  Her friends at the school drove to her home on Friday and met with Theresa’s husband, Christopher Lockhart, who told them she wasn’t home.

Many on social media were pointing fingers at Christopher as the one that knows what happened to Theresa.  The police reported that Christopher was not cooperative and family stated that Christopher didn’t seem to concerned that Theresa was missing.  But then we learn that Christopher told the media that Theresa was going to lose her job, something that the Superintendent of the school confirmed, but said Theresa never gave him a formal resignation.

Christopher told WOODTV:  “It was at that point after talking to that detective that it was like, OK, we’re going to handle everything through a lawyer,” he said. “I’m not acting unusual. I’m going to and from work. I’m carrying on normally around here as best I can. The initial officer came in the doorway and I let him in… I gave them the ability to contact her friends and her family but other than that I don’t see that there’s any other way I can help the investigation. Her car was found and returned. It’s in good working order… I’m assuming if something looked like [something] had happened there, I’d assume they would’ve kept the car.”

People Magazine stated that Theresa was last seen leaving a local fitness center about 5 p.m. on May 18.  That weekend after she went missing, her car was found a couple miles from her home at a park-and-ride off of Angling Road.

The police obtained a search warrant to her home on June 7.  After that the Portage Department of Public Safety named Christopher as a person of interest in their investigation.  The case is now being called a homicide investigation reports the Detroit news.

Anyone with information on Theresa Lockhart’s whereabouts is asked to call Portage police at 269-329-4567



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