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Melanie’s Whispers; song for the missing

Erin Perkins a singer and songwriter has sent me this song called Melanie’s Whispers inspired by Melanie Sutton, 33, who went missing in a Las Vegas, Nevada on March 2, 2007.  Melanie was last seen in a wash and although there were hundreds of searchers they could not find her.  Sadly, a year later, her skull was found not far from where she was last seen.  The mystery of why she could not be located still haunts her family, including her three daughters.

Erin told Missing Persons of America about Melanie and what brought the inspiration for the song:

“Approximately 10 years ago, a friend, a customer at a bar I worked at went missing.  I helped in the search for her along with her dad, brother, aunt, sister and friends.  We searched the wash area where she was last seen for 16 days and we searched in the city, put out fliers, and checked video surveillance.  While I was searching for her, I saw her Dad, in a canoe in the wash looking for his daughter, using the oars, pushing them down into the water, feeling around for his daughter.  The saddest thing I had ever seen.  I myself, at the age of 14, was a missing person, meaning my loved ones, my parents, my family had no idea where I was for most of two years.  Seeing Melanie’s Dad look for her, I recalled my own Dad telling me how he had searched for me.”

Later that night Erin went home and saw the news reporting Melanie’s disappearance.

“Words kept coming to me…Melanie’s Whispers, etc..and the song poured out..I sang it to my friend Randy Hiebert (engineer, producer, lead guitarist for the Bellamy Brothers) and he helped me create Melanie’s song.

I feel it is important, it is a must brings awareness to the thousands that are missing..and hope for their loved ones…Yes it was definitely inspired by is for all to hear.”

Melanie inspired this bring awareness..please listen to it. I know all missing persons aren’t named Melanie…but, Melanie could now stand for: Missing, Endangered, Lost, Americans, Needing, Immediate, Exposure

Click here to download the song.  Click on the arrow below to watch the video.

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