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Brian Shaffer mysteriously disappears from Ohio bar

Brian Randall Shaffer was 27-years-old when he went missing on April 1, 2006 rom Columbus, Ohio.  He was last known to be having drinks with friends at a local Ohio State University (OSU) bar in Columbus.

They all went to the Ugly Tuna Saloona at 1546 N. High Street in Columbus on Saturday, April 1.   An entrance camera shows Shaffer going in around 1:15 a.m.  When the lights came on at the end of the night, his friends couldn’t find Shaffer anywhere, reports MEL Magazine.  According to Brian’s website, “The next time Brian is seen on cameras, he was outside of the Ugly Tuna, at the top of the escalator, talking with two girls; he appears to say ‘bye’ and turns towards the bar, he then disappears from the camera’s view and has not been seen since.”  Authorities accounted for everyone else leaving the bar, but Brian.  The cameras do not show Brian leaving the bar.  The only place he could have left from is a freight elevator where there are no cameras….BUT cameras from nearby bars should have seen him leaving from there, and nothing shows.

Six months after Shaffer disappeared, his cell phone rang, pinging a tower in a Columbus suburb of Hilliard.  No explanation has come from that.   Brian’s mother has since died from cancer, then three years later, Brian’s dad, Randy passed, after being struck by a tree limb in a wind storm.  A message under his obituary in an online newspaper read:  Dad, I love you. Love, Brian (U.S. Virgin Islands).  The police traced it to a local computer.  It was a hoax.

Brian had a bachelor’s degree in microbiology, and was a medical student at OSU.  He is 6’2″ tall and has brown hair and hazel eyes and has a Pearl jam tattoo on his upper right arm and a dot on his left eye iris.  He plays guitar. Just before his disappearance, he had recently lost his mother to cancer, and was planning to propose to his fiancé.

Three years

Check out the website for Brian Shaffer.

Sar Ita posted: “Hi there I came across this page after investigating the disappearance of Brian Shaffer. This year marks 11 years after his disappearance in 2006, it’s a case that seems to have a dead-end. It is both sad and frustrating that there seems to be little to no leads. I’m not sure if you have posted about him lately but even if he’s been posted I think it’s important to post again in hopes of coming up with a new lead. After the tragic deaths of both of his parents, I think it’s important for his brother and fiancée to find out what happened to him the night he disappeared.”

From the Columbus Police Dept.


Please contact Central Ohio CrimeStoppers at 614-645-TIPS  with any information on Brian’s disappearance.  You may call anonymously to report ANY information you have on this case.
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