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Social Media compares photo of man at park to man wanted for murder of Indiana teens


Daniel Nations

On Sept. 28, the police stated they are now looking at this guy as possibly being tied to the Delphi Murders.  HIs name is Daniel Nations and he is a registered sex offender since 2007 after he was convicted of indecent exposure in Beaufort, South Carolina.  The authorities arrested him on Monday in Woodland Park, Colorado because the Chevrolet Prizm with Indiana license plates was identified in several tips regarding menacing complaints in the Mount Herman area, and in the town of Monument.  Some man was using a hatchet to threaten people.  Katelyn Nations, and two children were also in the car.  There also was an incident with bicyclist, Tim Watkins who was shot to death on a Colorado trail two weeks ago, that the police are looking into.


Nations was driving a car with expired Indiana license plates when he was found.  The next thing to do is find out if Daniels was in Delphi, Indiana on Feb. 13.  He was convicted of public indecency in 2016 in Indiana for fondling. In 2013, it shows his address was listed as being in 35 W High St 6, Mooresville, IN.

On July 17, 2017, the Delphi Police Dept. has released a sketch of the suspect wanted for the murders of Abby and Libby.  Instead of ruling out the person below that Kristin Brown posted about (See photo and story below of that person farther down).  It seems to actually makes him seem even more of a suspect.  What do you think?

Also social media has a photo of Jimmy Duvall that they believe might be the killer, too:

Court documents from 1989 about Duvall.

Jimmy was released from prison in 2007.  Social media rumors state that Jimmy was called in and gave DNA, and now he is missing.  My only thought on this is, if the police were sure it was Jimmy and the DNA showed as such, would they be releasing a composite sketch?

Now on to the story about the man at the park Kristin Brown posted about:

Kristin Brown posted on Facebook a story about what happened when she went to the Cordelia Hills Park in Solano County, California.  She posted: “Just a few minutes ago at the park I caught this man taking videos and photos of my kids and niece and nephews at Cordelia Hills Park in the playground area. He was in the park grounds, with no child with him, and when confronted told me to mind my own business, that I am paranoid, and he is allowed to be at the park if he wants. He didn’t delete the photos off of his camera, tried to say he is police, and that I know nothing about photos and need to shut up (that last part 😂😂) anyway, please share so other parents are aware that this guy is showing up at parks to photograph toddlers and first graders


The post has received a lot of social media attention because the opinion on social media is that the photo of the man who she took resemblances the man that is being sought in the case of the murdered Indiana teens a few months back (see photo below).  Abby Williams and Libby German of Delphi, Indiana went missing on February 13, 2017 at a local park and were found murdered the next day.


Police are asking anyone who has any information on the murder case to call the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office at 765-564-2413, the Delphi Police Department at 765-564-2345 or the Indiana State Police at 765-567-2125.

Kristin stated that she did report the man and gave the photo to the Fairview Police Dept.  Kristin stated that,”So far no one has recognized him.”

But, the information and photo was shared with parents and Little League official and if he is seen the police will be notified so they can talk to the man and get to the bottom of the situation.

Manhunt for killer

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