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Video on Facebook tells story of where Samantha Burns’ body is buried

UPDATE 7/11/17 – After searching for two days, the authorities stated they have found nothing.  Rebecca was said to have cooperated fully with the search.  Authorities used ground penetrating radar, a backhoe, shovels, rakes and sifters in the search.  This has turned out to be one of the most elaborate hoaxes since the balloon boy and time will only tell if Jimmy Hysell will be making any further videos to explain himself.  His last post simply states, “My location was compromised on the move.”

Original post:  A video that surfaced on Facebook has social media guessing whether it was real and whether it would lead to the discovery of Samantha Burns’ body.

Samantha Burns, 19, from Lincoln County, West Virginia and a student at Marshall University was last seen in 2002.   Chad Fulks and Brandon Basham were convicted of kidnapping and murdering Burns in 2002, and are still in prison.

On Saturday, a video by Jim Hysell, is talking about a woman that he meant named Rebecca that he married several months ago.    He said there was an area that he wanted to clear on the property where they lived in Chesapeake, but Rebecca kept telling him to leave it alone.  Jimmy felt Rebecca was keeping secrets and kept asking because he wanted to know.  Towards the end he states that Rebecca tells him that Samantha Burns’ body is buried on the property where he wanted to dig.  Click on the video below to listen to Jim:

The story seems unbelievable, but many have gone to Jim’s page and have sent him support and stated they believe he is telling the truth.  The Lawrence County Ohio Sherif’s Office released a statement on social media on Sunday after they heard about the video:

Monday morning the FBI, Huntington Police and Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dept. was on scene on Township Road 1466 in Chesapeake to investigate Jimmy’s claims.

Jimmy Hysell (Facebook)

Interestingly, a friend of Chad Fulks posted this below:

Years back, Fulks and Basham said Samantha’s body was thrown into the Guyandotte River near Huntington.  So far, no word whether anything has been found.  I’ll keep you posted. Currently Jimmy is hiding out and states he is in Canada.

Click here to see video of the current search.
Video about Samantha from 2009 is below:

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