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Jeremy Sirkel from Cleveland, Texas goes missing in San Jacinto County

UPDATE May 6, 2019 – Jeremy’s mom, Teresa is still searching for Jeremy.  She misses him terrible and hopes someone will give them a tip where he may be.  She posted, “This is to anyone that knows where jeremy is are knows what happened to him please find it in y’alls heart to call and report what y’all know if it was one of y’alls family members are friends y’all would want answers .we are hurting so bad not noing what happened so please call San jacinto county are 1st. Priority search and recovery team are any law enforcement help us just come forward.”

IF you have any info about Jeremy, please let her know or you can message me and I will pass on the information.  Thank you!

As most of you already know, I have a list of missing men and women from Liberty County Texas called the Missing Texas Forty.

Original Story: Jeremy Sirkel, 25, from Cleveland, Texas in Liberty County has been missing since May 13, 2017.   The San Jacinto Sheriff’s Dept. has this case because he was reported by a friend to have last been seen there.

Teresa, Jeremy’s mother told me, “He was last known to be with a guy named Robert Jeffcoat and they were mudding…”

Jeremy has dyed his hair blond, has brown eyes, is approximately 5′ 8″ to 5′ 9″, and weighs approximately 200 lbs. Jeremy has a word tattoo on the back of his neck and scars on his legs, arm, and hand.

If you see or have seen Jeremy or have any information on his whereabouts, please contact the San Jacinto Sheriff’s office at 936-653-4367.

Bringing Jeremy Sirkel Home

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