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3-year-old Jennifer Klein goes missing in 1974; has she been found?

Missing Person Utah Jennifer Klein Michele Hooper

UPDATE 7/20/17 – According to the woman who started it all, officials have confirmed that  Michele Hooper is NOT Jennifer Klein.

Jennifer Klein was last seen in 1974 at a camping site in Moab, Utah.  The story on says when the “adults” were distracted by a dog fight, Jennifer went missing.  It has theorized she fell into the Colorado River, but no remains have ever been found.

When Jennifer Klein went missing all those years back, there was not social media to help push the case of this missing child, or to preserve the facts of the case, so there is little out there now.  The Charley Project seems to provide the most information.

Michele Hooper

A few days ago it was brought to my attention that a woman named Michele Hooper told a missing advocate that she was Jennifer Klein.  The missing advocate decided to video tape Michele live and share it with the world.  Hooper stated not only was she Jennifer Klein, but she knew Etan Patz and he was alive, and knew Kurt Newton, but he was deceased.  She shows her hair as having the same cowlick, and her ear having the same mole.  There are photos of Moab, Utah on her Facebook page and evidence she contacted Unsolved Cold Cases on Facebook inquiring about a DNA test back in May.

michele Hooper
Michele Hooper
michele hooper
michele hooper

I have seen and heard so much over the years I have reported on the missing, that I was doubtful.  Primarily, it did not go the same course as most missing cases of missing people who reappear after so many long years like Jaycee Dugan, or Cleveland’s three missing women that were held captive  for example.  And I was surprised how the missing advocate decided to handle the situation.  Instead of going to the police for guidance, she decides to announce breaking news on her Facebook page and them posts a video that Michele had been found and later DNA confirms a 100 percent match.  Could this be a hoax?

Jennifer Klein
Jennifer Klein

Social Media investigates

I followed the story for several days waiting for the police to intervene and get to the bottom of the whole situation. In the meantime, social media began their own investigation.  There is so much information out there that can be unearthed about Michele Hooper that it wasn’t long before social media had dissected the whole situation.  Much was revealed about Michele on social media and the most alarming were the photos that she provided on the live video that she claimed were missing children, Etan Patz and Kurt Newton.  Social media tracked the photos and found they were actually photos of two different individuals on Facebook.  I am not going to release the names of the individuals as I am not going to put them in the middle of it, but I did go back and verify that the photo Michele was providing is actually of two separate people with Facebook accounts that are unrelated to her claim. (Since this writing, I have been informed that the photos are actually of Michele’s cousins.)

Big Misunderstanding

Then yesterday, the missing advocates Facebook page posted, “We have removed all contact regarding Jennifer Klein, there seems to be a big misunderstanding.  Only announcement will come from law enforcement.”

Although many perceived this notice to mean that Jennifer was indeed found, I am betting that it actually went down this way and law enforcement contacted the missing advocate and told her they were investigating the situation and needed her to step out-of-the-way so they could do the investigation and if there was anything to be found that they would make the announcement.


It is my personal opinion that Michele fully believes she is Jennifer Klein, and because of that was able to convince others.  It may also explain why she was not able to accept that the DNA test she took was not a match, assuming she took one per her conversation on Facebook in May.  Hooper stated the police made a mistake, so she took another one and it came back to be a match.  But there has been no paper proof that one DNA test was done, let alone two.   Even the missing advocate admitted she never saw any paperwork to substantiate that Michele was a DNA match for Jennifer.

We may never hear an announcement from the police, but as time goes by and no big announcement declaring Jennifer Klein or Etan Patz have been found, comes out, we can all conclude that Hooper is not Jennifer.  Our only resolution is it brought attention to a cold missing case that many never heard about before.

Please note although the missing advocates Facebook page name is similar to this website and Facebook page, there is no affiliation.  





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