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Marilyn “Niqui” McCown missing from Indiana since 2001

Missing Person Indiana Nique McCown

Marilyn “Niqui” McCown, 28, went missing from Richmond, Indiana on July 22, 2001.  Niqui has spent that day going to church. That afternoon she went to the laundry mat. While Niqui is at the laundromat, Bobby goes to the local mall for his tuxedo fitting.  Their wedding was only three weeks away.

“When she’s leaving the facility there I can tell she’s under no duress whatsoever,” Detective Roger Redmond, of the Richmond Police Department, told WTHR news.  “I can probably give you a 100-percent surety she was not taken from the laundromat.”

Fiancee Bobby Webster

Although not official named a person of interest, the actions of Bobby Webster made them question if he knew more about Niqui’s disappearance.  Actions like cancelling the wedding and trying to get his wedding band deposit back only days after Niqui McCown went missing, seemed unusual.   Were they actions of a guilty person or someone who has cold feet about marrying someone who may be missing on purpose.  But, the family was adamant that Niqui was looking forward to her upcoming nuptials, and did not have cold feet.

Bobby explained to WTHR news that he needed the money because he had been out of work.

“I believe they were looking at me because they didn’t know any other direction to go. I’m the obvious choice.  I’m the fiancé,” he said.

Niqui’s car found

Niqui’s GMC Jimmy that was found November 3, 2001 at the Meadows of Catalpa apartment complex in Dayton, Ohio, a place where she once lived.  In the back seat was the laundry that she had done that afternoon.  Another clue was that Niqui had called a female friend and said she was stopping at a nearby pharmacy, but it was not known what pharmacy.


In 2008, Niqui’s sister divulged information to the public that was not previously know that Nique McCown had a relationship with  Tommie Swint, who was a former Trotwood Police Officer.  Niqui and Tommie used to work together at the Dayton prison. He also had a close relationship with the same female friend that Niqui had called that night.  Was there a connection?

Nique McCown
Nique McCown

Authorities confirmed they knew of the information and have called Tommie a person of interest.  Police had been investigating him since 2007 for the 1991 murder of Tina Marie Ivery.  In 2009, DNA found Tommie’s blood on a blanket that Ivery’s body was wrapped in.  In 2010, as the sheriff department came to his house in Alabama to arrest him for Ivery’s murder, Tommie committed suicide.

There has been no new leads or information as to Niqui’s whereabouts.  If you have any information on the whereabouts of Niqui McCown, contact the Richmond Police Department at 1-765-983-7250.

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