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Missing Phillip Howard may be homeless in San Diego FOUND

philip howard

Missing Person California Philip Howard

April 27, 2018 – Adina has let me know that Philip Howard has been located and is now home.  She spent the last year searching for him and posting every day her search for him.
“After several long days of walking the streets of San Diego and the help of some really amazing people whom I’d like to think with all of my heart. My husband has been found and locate it safely. Very confused trying to put all the pieces back together. I would like to thank you all for all of your shares and for all of your prayers and all of your advice. We need just a couple of days to get her self together and then I will post more I appreciate your patience and all the love you showed us over 14 month adventure. As a wife who loves her husband I hope you all know how much I believe in you and want to tell you never give up because miracles do happen. Mine did!”


The Howard family is hoping that you can help them find their missing loved one, Phillip Howard.
According to Adina Howard:  “My spouse of 29 years walked away March 3, 2017 and I haven’t seen or heard from him since. He’s 52, never ever left like this before. We have 4 kids and an 8 year old granddaughter whom we have raised all her life. Please help me. We are from Colorado, he was last seen in San Diego, Ca.   I filed one [missing person report] 1 May, they said he was spotted in Scottsdale Arizona hitchhiking, but they don’t believe that he is a danger to himself. And the local authorities here no our family for many years, they said because he was a meth user they don’t want to file a nationwide report.”
Philip HoqES
Philip Howard

I asked Adina to contact the police again but go straight to the chief of police and she told me, “I spoke to police chief who said it is not illegal to walk away from your family and never come back. I couldn’t get him a valid reason why I felt his life was in danger other than he hasn’t taken his medications in months and he has a heart condition and high blood pressure. They said that if someone had spotted him in San Diego July 6, he isn’t considered missing that it is not against the law to choose to be homeless:(”

If you happen to see Phillip, please let us know and I will make sure the information gets back to the family.  He may be homeless and may even be in a shelter.  His family is worried and wants to know he is okay.
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