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Lauren Aragon missing from Albuquerque

UPDATE 7/28/17 – I have received information that Lauren may be with a young man named Santiago.  His mother posted on MPofA’s Facebook page that Santiago had returned home.  Another IM told me that they believe Lauren had also returned home.  I am waiting for confirmation.

Original Story:  Lauren Aragon, 20,  is missing from Albuquerque, New Mexico since July 23, 2017 around 11:30 p.m.  The family believes she may be with a man she met on social media.  Lauren’s sister Lilia, told me, “We believe she left with an unknown person in a car. She is mentally delayed and trusting.”  Lauren was last seen on the Westside between 98th Street and Unser off of Central.  

Lilia posted a message for Lauren, “Honey pie, if you read this and are safe call home. Let us know that you are okay and that no one is hurting you or forcing you to do things. No one will be mad at you. We just want you home. We want to hug you so bad. To the person who helped Lauren Aragon leave last night you have to understand by now that she is not like normal 20 year olds. Please send her home.”

If you have any information about Lauren’s whereabouts, please call the Albuquerque Police Dept. at (505) 924-6000.

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