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Fresno woman’s phone call to boyfriend abruptly ends with her screaming

UPDATE 8/8/17 – The Police stated that Lucy’s death was accidental and she fell into the canal.  Her purse was found by an individual who took it and began using the credit cards.  They are not involved in her death but will be arrested for fraud charges and taking her purse and using her credit cards.

UPDATE 8/7/17 – A body was found on Saturday morning in the Fresno canal.  Police Chief Jerry Dyer stated it is probably Lucy Xiong.  The clothing is the same, but police will wait for a positive identification from the coroner.

Original story:  A news conference on Tuesday by the Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, states that they are searching for a missing woman who was heard screaming on the phone by her boyfriend.

Lucy Xiong, 20, had returned home around 12:30 a.m. and got in an argument with her mother because she had been gone all day and had been drinking.  Lucy mother was waiting for her outside when she came home, and during the argument Lucy ran off and her mother couldn’t keep up with her.  Lucy then called her boyfriend around 12:48 a.m., but did not tell him where she was at.  She suddenly exclaimed, “Oh sh**t” and then struggling noises, a scream and the phone went dead.

Lucy’s boyfriend told police that he remembered hearing Lucy walking on gravel during their conversation.   Police have searched her neighborhood near the 3200 block of East Olive Avenue with K-9, but nothing was found.

Dyer stated during the press release that Lucy’s credit card had been used Fresno and Madera the day she went missing and then the day after – a total of 12 times.   Right now the police are reviewing video to see if they can find out who made the purchases.

Also, around 1 a.m. on Tuesday, a call came in for a woman drowning in a canal at First Street and McKinley Avenue, according to the Fresno Bee.  It is unknown at this time if it is connected to Lucy’s disappearance or not.  The police will be using a dive team to search.

At this time the police do not know if Lucy has been abducted or if she fell into the canal, but will continue to search for evidence as to why she went missing.

Xiong was last seen wearing a gray T-shirt, white denim jeans and a white and pink purse with a gold chain shoulder strap. The police have tried to ping her phone and they cannot locate it.  Dyer said the phone could be in the water or someone could have taken it and turned it off.

Anyone with information regarding Xiong’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Fresno Police Department at 559-621-7000.

 A Hispanic male with a white shirt and black pants last seen leaving McKinnley on a bike, and a male in Modero with a hat, long sleeve shirt and dark pants are the two descriptions the police have of the persons seen on video using Lucy’s credit card.
Any Go Fund me accounts set up at the present are not set up by the family and the police will be stopping them.
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