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Zacharey Wilks: Man goes missing on way from California to Las Vegas FOUND

UPDATE 2/27/20 – Remains found in the car, were identified as belonging to Zacharey Wilks.   Posted on Zacharey’s Facebook page from his mother:

“To those that love and forever will miss Zacharey, day 1,006 brought us the news we never wanted to hear. We have had positive DNA result that concluded Zacharey died at the scene of the car wreckage. We don’t know how or exactly when he died. There will be a lot of assumptions, but no one knows. Our family is broken we never wanted this day to come. As always love and respect each other. Keep his memory alive in your hearts, and may he rest in peace knowing he was loved.  Zacharey you will always be my sunshine……”

UPDATE 10/29/19 – The Lompoc Police Department posted that a vehicle that matched the description of the one Zacharey Wilks was driving was found.

‘The vehicle was involved in a traffic collision causing major damage, and ended up in the dense brush off the side of the roadway,” Lompoc police said.

Original Story: Zacharey Wilks is missing from Lompoc, California.  He left  Lompoc late May 24 driving a black 1994 Honda Civic to head to Lake Powell to work on his uncle’s houseboat.  It’s been over a month now and he’s still missing from Lompoc, California.

A ping on his cellphone revealed he was on Highway 166 at a time consistent with leaving Lompoc and traveling to Las Vegas.  From what his family has found out Zachary’s phone received a text at 12:13 a.m., but reportedly went dead at 12:25 a.m., his mom said.

There have been searches at several different places, but so far Zacharey nor his car has been found.

Wilks is Caucasian with brown hair and hazel eyes. He is 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weighs 180 pounds. The vehicle he was driving is a black 1994 Honda Civic with a license plate number of 7SGR202.

Anyone with information about Wilks’ whereabouts is asked to call Lompoc police at 805.736.2341 or 9-1-1.  Find Zacharey Wilks Facebook page

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