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China Ann Marie Robinson-Steinmetz missing since May 2017

Missing Person Minnesota China Ann Marie Robinson-Steinmetz

In 2017, a Facebook post under China Robinson-Steinmetz said,  “I’m completely fine seriously fine. Like my family was always just against me with how I was choosing to do things on my own. I’m an adult not a 7year old anymore. because I don’t live at home and want to be independent . OK alot of things have gone on in my life that this is how I’m choosing to have control of my life the chance I get to finally. I’ll come around when I feel I’m ready and in a position to. No matter what if I was staying in contact with family there would always be something bad said. I’ve gone about things plenty of times in completely wrong ways but this is how I’m choosing to do it. I’m finding myself whether if I’ve chosen the harder ways to do it. I’ve stayed in contact with my friends and they know I’m OK as well. Quit with all this missing person. I don’t want to hear it. My family pushing me further away bringing it to this when my friends as well have said I’m OK. Yes thanks a ton for whatever concern anyone has but majority of anyone knowing anything about the post being made of being missing has never had any inside on ANYTHING nor will someone be able to ever understand my reasoning for cutting contact with many people but that’s beside it . That’s what I’VE CHOSEN.”

China Ann Marie Robinson-Steinmetz has been missing since May 2017 from Minnesota.  She was last heard from on May 20, when she messaged her mother, Chastity.  That was the last time anyone has had any contact with her.  The authorities pinged her phone and located it in Boca Rotan, Florida around April 19, but the exact location of China is unknown.

This is what Chastity knows about her daughter’s disappearance:

“On May 14th (mother’s day) 2017, China had called me and was looking for me or my mother to meet her if she went to the doctor, she said she was very lethargic and couldn’t keep anything down. I had told her I just finished work but her grandma could totally meet her if she needed. She said she would get back to me if she went. the next morning she called again and stated she was alive (she hates needles) and that a friend had brought her and the hospital just gave her fluids. The next few days we communicated everyday, nothing out of the ordinary. Then on may 20th she messaged me and I replied. I tried contacting her later the same day and she never replied. I tried the following few days to reach out and nothing from her. about a week of no responding I checked her Facebook and she had either blocked me or removed it all together. I contacted a few of her friends and they also stated she was not responding to any social media. On june 18th we final got law enforcement involved ( Not of their willingness). Through the police we found her ID was pinged in Florida around April 19th. Which came as a shock to us because we were under the belief that she was in Minnesota where we are from. With this information I contacted my insurance and found that China had went to the doctor on may14th, but at a hospital in Boca Raton. So there is no way we could have met her. Over the couple of months working with the police we found she has a Florida license but the address she gave is registered to a car rental company near the airport. Have yet to hear if this lead has been checked out or not.”

If you have any information about her whereabouts, please call the Buffalo Police in Minnesota. Case #7636825976.

Chastity wants her daughter to know:  “We just want to know she is safe and not under anyone’s influence. We love her and miss her very much. Situations from her past lead us to believe that she is in a bad situation. But if this is something she has chosen, we just want her to tell us.”

China-ann Marie Robinson-Steinmetz
19 yrs. old 5’2″ 120lbs. blue eyes long light brown hair with blonde highlights
Police Report Number 1700-6088

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