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Teen Jasmine Block missing from Minnesota; last seen on her bike FOUND

UPDATE 9/7/17

More information has come about about what happened to Sarah.  USA Today reported that she had been held captive and abused for 29 days by three men.  It all started when Thomas Barker, 32, of Carlos and a family acquaintance told Jasmine he needed help with a family situation.  Jasmine got into the car and Barker drove her to a home and used zip ties to retrain her.  Over the next 29 days, three men, Steven Powers, 20, of Mankato; Joshua Holby, 31, of Carlos; and Barker was abused and sexually assaulted and threatened her with weapons.  The three men moved her to different  locations.

The Escape

After 29 days, Jasmine was left alone and she took the opportunity to try and escape.  She got out of the house and went to nearby homes searching for help.  She even swam across a lake to a house.  A farmer saw her in a field in rural Grant County.

“It’s usually quiet out here,” the man told WCCO. He said right before got back in his truck to return to work he saw something unusual in the grasslands on the back of his property. From hundreds of yards away he thought he saw a deer.  He then realized it was a young woman.  He drove towards her in his truck and she came running through the field towards him.   She asked him to call 911.  He recognize her.

 “When I saw her face I knew right away,” the man said.

Sarah and Jasmine (Facebook)

UPDATE 9/6/17 – Jasmine Block has been found.  The Alexandria Police Department said she was found on Tuesday in Grant County.  She was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and three people were arrested.


Details: On September 5th, 2017, Jasmine Block was located in rural Grant County. She is being treated for minor injuries at the Douglas County Hospital and has been reunited with her family. We will continue to do updates as the investigation unfolds. This case is still under full investigation.

Sarah Block, Jasmine’s mother posted on Facebook: “I just want to say thank you for helping for never giving up! I thank the law enforcement for being on top of everything working their days off not sleeping much etc for those that were negative shame on you! 3 people have been arrested I will not share any details as this is an ongoing investigation and I tell everyone to respect that. I also ask to respect jasmine myself and her sisters as we have been apart 4 weeks and its been alot so give space. The prayer vigil will still go on Friday to welcome her home.. God answers prayers! I am so damn proud of her and so happy to have her home safe with us. Thank you all so much.”

The police department believe releasing the identities of these people could jeopardize the investigation at this time.

Jasmine Block Alexandria Police Department

Missing Person Minnesota Jasmine Block

Jasmine Block, 15, is missing from her home on North McKay Avenue in Alexandria, Minnesota.  She was last seen around 1 p.m. on Monday, Aug, 7, 2017 near the Central Lakes Trail with two other teens and a man in his 30s, riding bikes.

The Alexandria Police Dept. would like to talk to the individuals that were seen with Jasmine.

“We have many gaps in our timeline and are asking that if you had spent any time with Jasmine or seen her in the in two days prior to her disappearance that you contact us so we can account for Jasmine’s whereabouts.”

A search is being planned tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 16, at Big Ole Central Park at 3 p.m. and a candlelight vigil will be held at 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 18, at New Life Christian Church in Alexandria.

The Alexandria Police Dept. and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office have searched for Jasmine but so far they have not been able to locate her.

Jasmine is described as 5-foot-1, 110 lbs, with brown curly hair. According to fliers, she has a recent bruise near the right side of her ribcage, scars on her left arm, a scar on her left ankle and a mole on her left cheek. She was last seen wearing black and red pajama pants and a top.

Anyone who knows of Jasmine’s whereabouts or sees her is asked to call the Alexandria Police Department at 320-763-6631 or call 911.

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