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Amanda Thomas missing from Louisiana FOUND

UPDATE 8/21/17 – Amanda has been located per her brother.

UPDATE 8/17/17 – Blaine, a childhood friend of Amanda’s has posted on MPofA’s Facebook page and helped to clear up a lot of the questions regarding the pic at Pat O’Brien’s and other matters.  Blaine posted:

 “The pic that was posted on june 26th was not at pat o’s. She worked at pat o’s for a week or so, from what we have found out recently,but that was back in april or may i believe. The article says that it was at pat o’s bc that was the last known place that a relative heard she was working. Since the missing persons report was filed, we have learned that she was no longer working at pat o’s. From the pic we can not tell what bar she working at, so we have nothing to go on, to be able to go to that place and question anyone as of now.”

Original story:  Amanda Diane Thomas, 33, has been missing from New Orleans, Louisiana since June.  She was dropped off at a bus station in Baton Rouge to go home after a family funeral on June 16.  Amanda posted a photo of herself at work at Pat O’Brien’s on June 26, according to WGNO.  That is all the information there is on Amanda.  If you have anymore to share, please let us know.

Anyone with information about Amanda Thomas’ whereabouts is asked to contact any Eighth District Detective at 504-658-6080.

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