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Kathryn LaMadrid missing from Fort Bragg since 2004

Kathryn Rebecca LaMadrid has been missing since Dec. 17, 2004.  Kathy was last seen walking across the Noyo Bridge in Fort Bragg, California on Dec. 17.   There were sightings of her in 2005.  She may be suffering with amnesia from a car accident in 2004.

Kathryn is now 52-years-old.  When she went missing she had glasses with a plastic frame, although she does wear contacts.  Her light hair may be died.  She has blue eyes and is around 5’9″ tall.  She has a tattoo of a “ring” in blue and red ink on her left ring finger.  She has one left pierced ear.  She likes to wear men’s baggy clothes.

If you have any information of her, please call the Mendocino Sheriff’s Dept. at 707-961-2692.

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