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Who murdered 4-year-old Jessica Phelps?

On  July 1, 1997 in Flint, Michigan, 4-year-old Jessica Jean Phelps left her family’s home to play.  Somewhere between the front door and the Maryland Avenue neighborhood where Jessica played with other children, she went missing.  Several neighbors witnessed her outside that day during that time.

On April 2, 1998, remains were found about 15 minutes away from Jessica’s home on Horton Road in Atlas Township by a  man looking for a cross tube for the county.  He was excavating when he came across remains that were later identified to belong to Jessica.  Police ruled her death a homicide.

Jessica’s cousin Angie Spade posted:  “Her grandfather was the last person known to have seen her. He lived 2 or 3 houses down from them and she had been seen outside walking toward his house. He confirmed to police that he saw her outside as he was driving down their street, he stopped and talked to her briefly and then drove off. He said he went to a relative’s house to install a ceiling fan. For clarification, I am on her mother’s side of the family and this grandfather is (was – he has since committed suicide) on the father’s side.”


Justice for Jessica Phelps Facebook Page

Anyone with information on Jessica’s disappearance or death is asked to contact Flint police at 810-237-6800.


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