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Whatever happened to Patricia Meehan?

Patricia “Patty” Meehan, 37, (at time of disappearance)  was last seen on April 20, 1989.  She was living on a ranch in Bozeman, Montana when she got into a car accident on a stretch of highway in Circle, Montana because she was driving on the wrong side of the road.  Witnesses, Peggy Bueller and her father pulled over to assist the woman, Carol Heitz who was hit by Patty.  Peggy left to find a phone to call the police. The witnesses stated they saw Patty get out of her car by climbing out the window.  They stated it appeared as though she was staring off into space, like she was in a trance.  Then, suddenly she walked toward a fence and climbed it.  After dropping to the other side she just stood there motionless for a bit, looking at where the accident was, and eventually, wandered off.

Her family stated that Patricia was stressed and had been seeing a psychologist before the accident. It was speculated she may have received a head injury in the crash.

The below selfie was found when the family developed a roll of film found in her car.  It is said to represent the same far away stare that Patty had when the couple walked up to her.


Authorities have stated it is possible that Patty has amnesia.  During the investigation tennis shoe tracks were found about ¾ of a mile from the crash.  Because of the size of the tracks they were believed to be Patty’s.  The tracks were followed until they disappeared in the terrain.

The Spokane Chronicle reported: “During an earlier sighting, she reportedly asked a truck driver the way to Washington an apparently had been hitching rides and was seen at two truck stops and fast food restaurants along the I-90 corridor.  Tom Meehan, Patty’s father told the Spokane Chronical that through photographs of Patty had been reported, three of which were confirmed by police.  I could not find any definite information on which ones.

There are also countless comments from people visiting websites, blogs, forums, and articles about Patty’s disappearance stating they have also seen her.

Patty is 5’3″ tall.  At the time of her disappearance she weighed 100-105 pounds, with strawberry blonde hair past her shoulders, green-gray eyes and freckles.  She was last seen wearing blue jeans and high-topped white tennis shoes.

Patty may still be out there homeless.  She is now 66-years-old.

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