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Lynn Rickard still missing from Wisconsin

UPDATE 92617 – The family of Lynn Rickard indicated on Thursday, September 7th that the family has increased the reward amount from $25,000 to $50,000. That’s according to family spokesperson Brian Bynsdorp.

Lynn Rickard, 59, has been missing rom Kansasville, Wisconsin since Sunday, June 24.  Lynn’s husband, John Rickard told Fox 6 news that a change of medication caused her to go missing.  He stated that she was taken off her regular medication and put on another type and she became paranoid.

“She’s naked and barefoot,” John Rickard said. “I’m asking everybody in the Kansasville area to please check their garages and sheds or any of the trailers in the back that she may have taken shelter in,” Rickard said.

When Lynn went missing search parties looked for her and they brought in four different dogs to help in the search, and a drone, but nothing was found.

A $10,000 reward has been offered in June. The family released a statement:

“On behalf of the family of Lynn, we greatly appreciate the efforts from everyone in the community involved for her safe return, whether it be directly with the search or of the support of the family. Lynn is missed and we remain hopeful for her safe return, but she needs your help. The authorities are doing an outstanding job and we are forever indebted, but there have been a few signs of her on their own properties and during their daily routines, as well as talking with neighbors. We hope with the added reward for information leading to her whereabouts, this will only keep Lynn’s disappearance fresh on people’s minds so she can get home to us safely.”

If you see Lynn, please call 911 or Racine County Communication Center at 262-886-2300 .


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