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4-year-old Nikki Campbell missing from California since 1991

Nikki Campbell missing California

Amanda “Nikki” Campbell, 4, went missing from Fairfield, Calif. on December 27, 1991.  She was at a neighbor’s house when she left to ride her bicycle to another friend’s house.   Her bike was found lying on the ground near a wooden fence.

After an extensive search Amanda was never found.  A pair of children’s blue socks were found in the road, but they were never confirmed to belong to Nikki.

In 2001, a search was done at a house on Salisbury Drive which was about a block houses away from her house, after receiving a brand new tip.  Nikki had gone to play at that house the day before she went missing.  The tipster said police would find the kidnapped girl’s body underneath the house.  Nothing was ever found.

There have been many people named as suspects in her missing case:  Philip Garrido who kidnapped Jaycee Lee Dugald Curtis Dean Anderson (a serial killer and brutal pedophile, who confessed to raping and murdering Amber Swartz) and Timothy Binder.  Police also looked into the cases of Ikene Misheloff, Amber Swart-Garcia, Tara Cossey, and Michaela Garecht for any similarities.  Authorities have long thought Timothy Binder was responsible for kidnapping Nikki.  His home was searched in 1992, but Binder said he had nothing to do with it and often usurped himself into missing children cases.

Stalemate: A Shocking True Story of Child Abduction and Murder

Nikki is still missing.  If you have any information on her disappearance please call the Fairfield Police Dept. or leave an anonymous tip here.

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