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Jenna Van Gelderen goes missing while petsitting

UPDATE 9/18/17 –  Jenna’s car was found on Sept. 5 parked along a road in northwest Atlanta.   A woman who had seen the information on Facebook recognized the car when she drove past, reports NBC News.

UPDATE 9/5/17 – A $10,000 reward is being offered for the safe return of Jenna.  The FBI has been called in to help with this case.

Jenna Van Gelderen, 25, from Atlanta, Georgia went missing on August 18, 2017 from her parents home on Oakdale Road in the Druid Hills neighborhood in Georgia.  She was pet sitting her parent’s cat, Jessie. On Aug. 19, a veterinary nurse arrived at the home to administer an injection to Jessie, but when he knocked on the door, no one answered. The nurse then called Jenna’s brother, Will Van Gelderen, who came over to let him inside. and when they came home she was gone. Her brother said that the lights and TV were on but she was nowhere to be found.  He found Jenna’s shoes, and cellphone charger and that was it.

Jenna is a Gwinnett Tech graduate and has a form of high-functioning autism and likes her routines, according to her parents.

What was strange is a large, heavy Egyptian tapestry that hung in the living room was missing, according to Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta. The family said it was stolen from its glass frame and then replaced on the wall.  The frame was very heavy and it would have take to peple to get it off the wall.  They added that the tapestry was not valuable and they don’t know why anyone would have taken it.

Help find JennaVG Facebook page.

Jenna’s 2010 blue Mazda with Georgia tag of PWH5902, was found along a road in northwest Atlanta the media reported. Her handbag, suitcase and clothing were inside. A cell phone charger that did not match either of Jenna’s phones was also found in the car by her brother.  Later the parents found out that Jenna had two cell phones and that second cell phone pinged a tower in Fairburn, Georgia around 7:15 a.m. August 18.   BUT, her car was spotted by a license plate reader camera in Atlanta at the same time, so police stated that the phone and car were not in the same place at the same time.

Her parents have spoken out on Facebook and stated that they fell that Jenna is being manipulated.  They told the story of how Jenna was working at a pe wtore and they coerced her into stealing $3,000.  Jenna was fired.  The family looked at her financial records and found that Jenna had been making payments to an unknown person using Western Union since 2015.

If you see her please call 911.

This is Jenna’s Car, plate no GA PWH-5902. Noticeable scratches on driver side, dent on top of the trunk, and missing cross bar on the front grille.

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