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Father searching for 4-year-old son after Hurricane Harvey FOUND

FOUND SAFE – The story is running in reverse, please scroll down to read the first entry, then scroll up to the next date entry.  Thank you.

Note:  David’s son and ex-wife, Courtney were missing during the flooding after Hurricane Harvey.  At the time no one knew where they were, if they were in danger, or stuck somewhere in need of rescue.  Cell service and power outages were also going on and that could have been what was keeping Michael’s mother from contacting David.  Concern for the safety of the child and his mother and the fact they may have been in danger from the flood, I posted David’s request for help to locate his son.  

David has one more message to everyone which I believe is important because while he was looking for his son there were numerous people stating he was lying.  What started out has a search for two people that may have been stranded or hurt after the flooding of Hurricane Harvey turned into a social media Facebook fight with accusations thrown all over.  Thankfully, there were many clear-minded people that concentrated only on locating Michael and ignoring the unhelpful comments.  Some I heard spent countless hours searching, and then to become discouraged when people began to state that the child was not missing, and David was lying.  David presented proof with photos (Scroll down to see those photos of the police bringing him his son.)  This I believe was helpful to so many people looking for Michael, as they could decide for themselves, who was telling the truth.

From David: “Here is a copy of what the officer gave me a few days ago when I reported that I had not heard from Courtney about them or my son since they left the city into flooded roads (all roads out were flooded at the one) this is proof that not only did I file the missing person report by the officer write himself on the paper that it was missing person and he put the the missing person case number on it. You can’t argue with the facts. The PD might not have done anything with it but any allegation that there was no missing person report filed is completely false and I have the video of it too. Facts speak louder than words and thankfully the police got my son for me. Thanks everyone!”


UPDATE 9/2/17 – From David:  “The police have located my son Michael across state lines in Sulphur, LA and removed him from where he was being kept secret from me by my ex wife Courtney Hudson. The police brought my son to me Praise God! Her Attorney Scott Browne tried to tell the police not to give me my son but thank God I had the court order! It is a shame they would not let me know where my son was for a day after driving into the floods and then refuse to let me know where he was so I could get him it make sure he was safe. Thank you everyone!”

Photos below show the police bringing Michael to David on the evening of Sept. 1.

                      Saturday morning 9/2/17


UPDATE 9/1/17 – David IM’d me with this update:

“Latest Update! I STILL DONT KNOW WHERE MY SON IS! she has once again missed the court order time and place to exchange my son to me this afternoon. Yes she did send me a message this afternoon finally saying my son was OK but she has refused to let me know where my son is so that the police can verify his safety and she has further refused to bring him to the court ordered drop off location today and has not even told me where my son is so that I can just go get him myself if she is unable to get him to me. I don’t care what her friends and family might say there is zero justification for not at least letting me come pick up my own son during my court ordered time as joint managing conservator. Just like there was no justification to leave me worried sick instead of letting me know my son was OK the past 24 hours. Until his location and safety has been verified there is no question about it my son is still missing I am in charge of his control and possession right now during my time as joint managing conservator and quite frankly I have no idea where he is and anyone who knows where he is has refused to let the police know for me so that we can get him over to me per the court order.”

Story Begins here:  Although Hurricane Harvey is no longer in Texas, there is still rescues going on and people searching for lost family members.  Authorities stated there are 18 confirmed deaths, so far but will likely be more as the days come. Officials say they expect 450,000 people to register as disaster victims with federal government.

David Bellow from Lumberton, Texas is one of those searching for his loved one; his 4-year-old son Michael David Bellow III.

Photos of People missing after Hurricane Harvey; do you recognize them?

Michael has been reported missing to the Beaumont Police Dept.  David says that his ex-wife Courtney Hudson told him she was leaving Beaumont, to drop off Michael with him, but he has not heard anything from Courtney since August 31, 2017.  He also posted on September 1, he has not heard from Courtney or the police.  He is beyond worried that something may have happened as they tried to leave.  David posted on his Facebook page and this is what he wrote.

My ex Courtney Hudson this morning said she was leaving with my son this morning to leave Beaumont and all the roads out of Beaumont have water and she has not responded all day. She has missed the drop off for me to have my son and that is very abnormal. Leaving a disaster area is not abnormal of course, but at the least I would have gotten a message saying my son was ok and that they couldn’t make the drop off or I could go get my son where he is at. She hasn’t responded with anything at all since leaving into the floods this morning and I am very concerned this is very abnormal not to hear anything and there is flooding everywhere. I pray they are not in a ditch somewhere flooded out. Please help me find my son and make sure he is ok! The very last I saw my son he was screaming and wailing afraid to leave me to go to his mother and when cps last asked my son about being abused by anyone my son said that his mommy hurts him (this info is to give you background about why I am so worried for my son because not only has he disappeared in a flood but there is a history of abuse and neglect which greatly upsets me). I am very concerned for my sons safety in general but now that she left through a flood this morning and there has been no response from her at all, all day I am very concerned that they didn’t make it out of the flood. Please if anyone sees my son let me know or let Beaumont PD know. I believe she drives a grey Kia small SUV.

UPDATE: it has been a few hours now and my son’s mother nor anyone from my sons mothers family nor the police have contacted me at all to let me know my son is ok or where he is even at. It has been rumored that she is just hiding him so that she doesn’t let me have my son during my time as joint managing conservator and if that is true it is horrible and heartless and a waste of police resources. If my son is ok for goodness sake they should let me know why in the world wouldn’t they or anyone let me know? This is messed up please help me find my son I really am worried something has happened I haven’t heard from them and the flood waters rose fast and they said they were leaving out this morning straight towards the floods and thee has been silence from them since this morning and they missed the court ordered drop off I am very worried.

UPDATE: it is It Sept. 1, 2017 and since yesterday I have not heard anything from the police or from my son’s mother or her family letting me know where my son is and that he is safe:-( help me find my son!

David says this photo looks similar to the car that Michael and his ex may be driving a dark grey Kia Niro SUV.  The color is darker than the photo below.  Please note that this car could be parked and could also be partially in the water.

If you have any information on their whereabouts, please let me know or call the Beaumont PD and refer to missing person case #2017020972.

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