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Alabama woman missing for three months; likely found in barrel on her property

Susan Mayo, 60, has been missing since June 17, 2017 from Glenwood Way, in Wilmer, Alabama.  On September 6, 2017, the Mobile County Sheriffs Office once again began searching the home she shared with her son, Nathaniel Sebastian, 32.

The deputies began searching an area at the home after Sebastian told authorities his mother was buried underneath the home.   Around 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Capt. Paul Burch of the MCSO stated that a drum had been excavated and a body was found inside.  The Sheriff’s Office said the container was on its side and buried two to three feet beneath the surface below the front porch, reports FOXTV.

Nathaniel Sebastian

Sebastian was arrested in August while deputies were searching the property.  Sebastian allegedly disrupted a cadaver dog search on the property.  He was later put under house arrest.   Sebastian was arrested and Mayo’s mother is currently being detained, for allegedly assisting, Burch told local 15 news

Positive Identification of the remains will come after state forensic scientists examine the body.

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