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FBI asks for help to identify items found with serial killer, David Parker Ray, The Toy Box Killer

David Parker Ray, a.k.a. “The Toy Box Killer”, was a serial rapist and suspected serial killer. It is believed he may have been active as early as the 1950s.  Ray often frequented the Elephant Butte in New Mexico and specifically the Blue Waters Saloon.  Ray’s killings are believed to have come to an end in March 1999, when victim, Cynthia Vigil, escaped the Toy Box located in Elephant Butte, New Mexico after being held captive and tortured.

The Toy Box was a trailer that was revamped with chains, surgical instruments and much more items too upsetting to list.  David Parker and his girlfriend, Cindy Hendy, would both subject their captor to torture.

Inside of trailer called the Toy Box

After Cynthia’s escape to a neighbor that called the police, the police arrested Ray and his girlfriend, Cindy Hendy. During the investigation, Ray told police he abducted about 40 victims from several states, but no bodies have been found. There is a possibility that some of his victims may be among the missing. Ray died in state prison in 2002 while serving a sentence of more than 223 years in connection with kidnapping and other charges.

Ray would video tape or record what he was doing, as well as take “trophies” like clothing and jewelry. The FBI in Albuquerque is asking for help from the public to help identify those “trophies.”

The FBI released hundreds of images of items that were collected during the investigation of David Parker Ray. The FBI believes some of the items, which include jewelry and clothes, may have been taken from victims and is asking the public to see if they recognize any of the items.

David Parker Ray, The Toy Box Killer

Most of the jewelry, accessories, and clothing look as though they date around the 1960 through late 1980.  Also, there is clothing and a pair or child size “Underoos” that were popular in the late 1970s and a belt with the name “Linda” on it, a name tag with the name J. Watson on it, and another one with W. Scott and a medical ID bracelet that says “Epilepsy,” and much more.  If you have a missing family member and are aware of any jewelry or clothing they had with them when they went missing, you might want to look at the photos.

“The FBI, along with its law enforcement partners in New Mexico, is aggressively pursuing several leads in the search for remains of any possible victims of David Parker Ray,” said Frank Fisher of the Albuquerque Field Office. “We are asking family and friends of missing people to look over these photographs and contact us if they recognize any of these items.”

It is unknown how many victims there were. Law enforcement did find diaries written by Ray where he detailed the murder of at least 50 women.

David Parker Ray died of a heart attack on May 28th, 2002, a mere three years into his sentence.

Movie the Toy Box Killer

Click here to look at the photos.

Click here to look at the photos.

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