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Misty Copsey went missing after going to the Puyallup Fair in 1992

Misty Copsey, 14, was last known to be at the Puyallup Fairgrounds in Washington on Sept. 17, 1992.  Diana Smith, Misty’s mother had let her go to the fair with her friend.  When it was time to leave, she was too late and missed the bus. A bus driver questioned later told authorities he recognized the photo of Misty and said she was going to get on the bus, but he had to tell her the service had stopped.

“At 8:45, Misty made a call to her mother, revealing that she had missed her bus. Diana was upset, but understandably so. Unable to leave her job, lest something happen to the 97-year-old woman she was caring for, Diana told her to fetch a ride from a friend.” ( quote from The Unresolved)

Misty had her electronic organizer with her, that was popular at the time, with phone numbers in it, and Misty was tasked by her mother to call until she got a ride home. Misty has not been seen since.

There are speculations that Misty did get a ride and there were several people stated they saw Misty walking on I-5 that night.

She was reported missing by her mother and the police classified her as a runaway.

Anyone with information on Misty is asked to call Puyallup Police Dept at (253) 841-5415.

For much more on this case click here to read The Unresolved

You can also send it directly to Diana Smith at her address upon arrangement or e-mail

Some ideas for information include (but are NOT limited to):

Photos from that day at the fair (Sept 17th 1992) that Misty went missing, statements from friends/neighbors/other acquaintances, etc.

You never know what small bit of information may mean when put together with other information already maintained. Her pocket organizer never turned up, maybe you remember someone with one like it around that time..who knows. Please, any information at all could prove useful!

Misty was last seen wearing a navy blue sweatshirt with an unknown logo, baggy light blue jeans and dark blue socks. She was wearing brown suede shoes with a hole near the toe of one side. Gold ring on right ring finger and small black purse with electronic organizer.


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