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13 -year-old Brandy Myers missing from Arizona since 1992

Missing Person Arizona Brandy Myers

Brandy Myers, 13, went missing on May 26, 1992 while walking through her Sunnyslope neighborhood in Phoenix Arizona.  She was walking the neighborhood collecting money for a school book drive.  Brandy was last seen on 10th and Hatcher Street, and she has not been seen since.   

Later that year the Arizona Police were investigating the death of Angela Brosso, whose headless body was found on November 8, 1992.  Then on September 22, 1993, the body of Melanie Bernas was found.  Both had been riding their bikes alone along the canal. Police believed the killings were related, and were dubbed the Canal Murders.  For decades, the crimes went unsolved.  


It was when the Phoenix Police were looking over a stabbing case in 1989 that was committed by Bryan Patrick Miller, they begin to see similarities with the Brosson and Bernas cases.  They also found that Miller lived in the same Sunnyslope neighborhood that Brandy lived in.  

Bryan worked as a packer at the warehouse, and during his off-time he would do cosplay and dress up in steampunk clothing and call himself the “Zombie Hunter,” according to Phoenix Magazine.  Miller also turned his Crown Victoria ex police car into his zombie hunting car with yellow lights and a Zombie Hunter insignia.   Bryan led a quiet life, and mostly kept to himself, raising his only daughter, other than the comic con conventions or acting in an indy movie.

With the help from a forensic specialists the police were able to linked the murders of Brosso and Bernas through DNA evidence to Miller, reports 12 news and he was arrested in January 2015 and is awaiting trial to start in 2017.

Bryan Miller
Bryan Miller and Puddles Pity Party

The police have also stated that they also have evidence linking Miller to the death of Shannan Amoco whose body was found in the desert in 2011.

Brandy Myers still remains missing.

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