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Florida Private Investigator missing over two weeks FOUND

A former Escambia County Sheriff’s Office employee has been arrested for first-degree murder in the death of the private investigator Taylor Wright.

Taylor’s mom, Nancy Murchison told WEARTV news that she was in contact with her daughter often but hasn’t heard anything since the 7th.

“She allegedly sent a text message, to a friend saying that she needed to get a way for a few days,” says Brian Muhlbach, Wright’s employer.

The police are stating they believe that Taylor walked away and there is no foul play, but Nancy mom does not agree.

“My gut tells me that this is not normal behavior. That she wouldn’t do this and that something bad has happened to her and that someone else is involved in her missing,” Nancy said.

Anyone with information on Wright’s whereabouts is advised to contact the PPD. Her case number is 17-009230 or employer, Resource Investigative Services, at 850-273-6576.

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