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Jacob Caldwell: 14-year-old missing after father was fatally shot in front of him

jacob caldwell

Missing Person Ohio Jacob Caldwell

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August 28, 2018 – Chief Brown said a search warrant was served at a home in Miami Township in Montgomery County. Inside there were four adults and Jacob Caldwell who was found in the basement.   Chief Brown said it did not appear that Jacob was “secured or locked in” but it appears Jacob did not go outside while he was in the home or socialized with any other children.

March 14, 2018 – Jacob Caldwell is still missing and there have been six people indicted in his father’s (Robert Caldwell) death.  Charged with murder are Sterling H. Roberts, 34, and Tawnney M. Caldwell, 33, of Centerville.  Chance Deakin, 25, Christopher Roberts, 30, James Harmon, 55, and Chandra Harmon, 54 have also been charged according to media. Other charges are stalking, discharging a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence, tampering with evidence, and tampering with a witness by intimidation.

jacob caldwell
jacob caldwell

Tawney Caldwell is the ex-wife and mother of the three children who witnessed their father, Robert’s death, including missing Jacob Caldwell.

“According to the six-count indictment, from August 1 to August 5, Sterling Roberts cyberstalked Robert Caldwell via cell phone through the assistance of Tawnney Caldwell,” the press release stated.

Jacob is still missing and there is a $15,000 reward for information leading to his location.  The FBI believes that Jacob’s appearance may have been altered; like longer hair or hair cut very short and even the hair a different color.

Original Story:

Jacob Caldwell, 14, has been missing from Sugarcreek Township, Ohio since August 21, 2017.  The authorities are stating that Jacob witnessed his father, Robert Caldwell’s murder.  Robert was fatally shot the afternoon of Aug. 15 outside an office building at Linden Avenue and Woodman Drive.  Jacob along with his two brothers witnessed the shooting.  The suspect in the case, Sterling H. Roberts, 34, is in custody awaiting extradition from South Carolina, reports WHIO News.

A video shows Jacob outside the Walmart in Sugarcreek Township on August 21, the day of his father’s funeral, where it appeared he was waiting for a ride.  He had been living with his grandparents at the time.

The authorities also told the media that Jacob’s mother has not been helpful in searching for her son.  She told the police to contact her attorney if they want to talk to her, reports WDTN news.

Jacob has is 5’2″ tall, 100 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes.

Jacob caldwell
Jacob Caldwell


Call Sugarcreek Township Police (937) 848-6161 if you have any information on Jacob Caldwell.


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