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Billy Jordan missing from West Virginia Found

UPDATE:  The family has notified me that sadly, Billy’s body was found.

Billy Mack Jordan, 81, has been missing since Sept. 25, 2017.  He was last know to be at the Huntingtonized Federal Credit Union at 481 W 8th Avenue in Huntington, West Virginia.  He was driving his red Dodge Ram struck.  If you see him please call 911.

“He left his dog at home…. which is very out of character for him. He also didn’t take his medicine. Doesn’t seem like he packed a bag either.”

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Red Dodge Ram truck WV license plate B158800. (family is trying to confirm plate #)
Cummins Diesel. Full Size Bed
Full size Front door extended cab with Suicide back seat doors.
Rated for much more weight pull than most.
Gayle Banks stickers
Friends of Coal sticker
Cummings Sicker
Vaness Racing sticker
Kirky Jackson Racing Sticker
Lots of chrome

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