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Alexis Scott missing from Peoria

UPDATE 10/19/20 – A new search for Alexis Scott over this past weekend.

UPDATE July 8, 2019 –  Alexis Camry Scott is still missing from Peoria, Illinois.  There is a $5,000 reward.

Alexis Scott, 20, was last seen approximately 4:00 A.M. Saturday September 23, 2017 in Peoria, Illinois.  She was last seen at a party on 125 Richmond Avenue in Peoria.  She never returned home.  She has not contacted her mother or son. She has not been active on social media, no contact by phone and this is highly unlikely behavior for Alexis. No one from the party has confirmed that Alexis had ever left 125 Richmond Ave. Alexis is 5’1″ tall, 110 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information, please contact Lt. Boland at 309-673-4521. Case# 17-22015.

Find Alexis Scott Facebook page.


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