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Kevin Mahoney missing from North Dakota since 1993

Kevin Mahoney, 25, was last seen on October 2, 1993 leaving a friend’s home in north Fargo, N.D. on foot around midnight. Mahoney had been staying at a friend’s house at 1118 11th Street North in Fargo while helping a friend remodel the home. He was walking to his brother’s apartment in nearby south Moorhead, Minn., but he never showed up.  No one has been able to determine how far he got.  There has been numerous searches for Kevin, but he remains missing.  There was also a search in a basement when rumors were that he was buried there, but the police found nothing.


Physical Description: white male, 5’10,” 165 pounds, blondish-brown hair past the shoulder, blue eyes
Fargo Police, Phone 701-241-5777



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