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Kentucky teen missing for twenty years; car found abandoned

Erica Fraysure, 17, went missing from Brooksville, Kentucky on October 21, 1997.  She was last seen driving her car around town with Shane Simcox, who was 20 at the time.

Her car was found abandoned between two bays of hay and her car keys were found about 300 feet away.  The police found her purse, including her money and checkbook inside the car.

Age progression to 30.


Chief Deputy Scott identified Shane Simcox as a person of interest in the case in 1997, reported NBC News.  Simcox refused to take a polygraph test. Chief Deputy Scott told Dateline there were other persons of interest in the case.  Like, Chris Below, a suspect in other similar cases of missing young girls with long dark hair and slight build, sent to prison in Ohio in 2004 for involuntary manslaughter in the disappearance of Katherine Fetzer.

“If you recall there was the serial killer tow truck driver theory, too. In the time since I have been on the case there have also been four people who confessed to killing her, and all have been false confessions,” Det. Chris Jaskoqiak told the Ledger Independent.

 No one has been charged in Erica’s disappearance because of lack of “hard” evidence authorities stated.
Below is a short interview with Shane Simcox done in 2017.
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