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In 1993, 9-year-old Angie Housman went missing for 9 days; found tied to a tree

Angie Housman, 9, went missing in November 18, 1993 after getting off the school bus in St. Ann, Missouri.  She was eight houses from her home when she got off the bus.  Just the day before she told her friends she was excited about a trip with her uncle to the country.  No one ever knew who that “uncle” was.

Sadly, her body was found nine days later tied to a tree in the Busch Wildlife Conservation area in Saint Charles County,  Her clothes and her book bag 25 feet away from her body.  She had only been dead for a few hours, and had died from exposure.

Angie had been sexual assaulted.  There were clues left for the police:  Handcuffs made in Taiwan around Angie’s wrists, gray duct tape around her head, covering her eyes and mouth. A partial fingerprint on the duct tape.  The authorities investigation told them that Angie had been alive for 9 days before she died tied up to the tree from exposure.

Even though police have DNA samples and a fingerprint from the killer, he’s never been found.


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