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Mother and son missing from Utah since 2015; today boyfriend arrested in Hawaii

Emily Almiron, 23, and her son, Gabriel, 3, have been missing from Utah since Sept. 8, 2015.

Christopher Richard Poulson, 28, told the police that he broke up with Emily and she left their Orem home with her son, after they had a fight over drug paraphernalia.   Emily never showed up at her job again and her cell phone was never used and her bank records show no usage since that day.


After two years, prosecutors gathered evidence and have now charged Poulson with Emily and Gabriel’s murder.  Some of the evidence they gathered was tracking his cell phone which showed him going to two different dumpsters on Sept. 8, reports KSL news.  In the court statements police say a cadaver dog detected the presence of human remains in the trunk of a Mustang that Poulson sold shortly after Almiron and her son vanished on September 8, 2015, reports the Daily Mail.  He was also seen buying sheets, and he abandoned Almiron’s Prius in a parking lot in St. George.

The documents state:

The complete disappearance of Emily and Gabriel and their abandonment of all their property, coupled with Defendant’s actions and obstructions and lies to police, show that Defendant murdered Emily and three-year-old Gabriel in the same criminal episode, and then wrapped them in sheets to move their bodies and then buried or otherwise disposed of and concealed their bodies.

Courtesy |Cache County Jail. Christopher Richard Poulson.
                                                     Courtesy |Cache County Jail. Christopher Richard Poulson.

Poulson, 28, is charged with two counts of aggravated murder and now awaiting extradition from Hawaii.

Emily and Gabriel are still missing.

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