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Do you know the identity of this man who died in a Sacramento nursing home in 2011?

This unknown individual died of natural causes in a nursing facility in Sacramento on May 9, 2011. From 1998 through 2011, he resided in various care facilities in Sacramento.  Subsequent fingerprint comparisons revealed that the man had assumed the name of Manuel Calderon sometime prior to 1989.

The Coroner was informed that the elderly man was under investigation by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) prior to his death for receiving health care under false declaration, grand theft and identity theft. DHCS began their investigation in February 2010 when it was discovered that the elderly man had assumed the identity of Manuel Calderon of Texas.

Interview information:

  •   His true first name may sound similar to “Carlos”
  •   His true last name may sound similar to “Flotte”
  •   Father’s first name is Luis
  •   Mother’s first name may be Maria de Jesus
  •   A brother or other family may reside in Yuba City, CA

He was 5’7″ tall, 154 pounds and died May 2011. He was believed to be 70 plus years old. He had no teeth; no dentures.  He had scars on chest and both upper legs.  He had a left hip replacement with metal orthopedic implants.  He had a tattoo of vintage era (circa 1940’s) naked pin-up girl on right lower leg See attached 1998 police booking photographs.  This was also a popular tattoo among service men during WWII.

Anyone having information about this unidentified man or his family is urged to call the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office at (916) 874-9320 and refer to case #11-02359.

Coroners Press Release

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