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Sacramento County Jane Doe found in burning dumpster in 2001; still unidentified

This Jane Doe was found in a burning trash dumpster on 18th Avenue on June 29, 2001 in Sacramento, California. The victim was listed as white for sixteen years following her discovery, but is now believed to be of primarily African descent with some European ancestry.

Phenotyping composite was created as a POTENTIAL likeness. 

The clothing had a small button similar to those found on denim articles with “Structure” stamped on it. With the body was a comforter or similar item – pinkish background with black diamond pattern, silver duct tape on back side according to NAMUS.

The below people have been ruled out:

Shawna Chavez 1978 Oregon
Ingrid Contreras 1984 California
Lourdes Dubyak 1956 California
Angelina Evans 1975 California
Michaela Garecht 1979 California


If you have any information or tips on this case please call the Sacramento County Coroners Office at 916-874-9680.

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