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Dina Shoemake missing from Texas since 2000

Missing Persons Texas Dina Shoemake

May 16, 2018 – The husband of Dina Shoemake has been arrested in connection with her murder.  Curtis Shoemake, 60, from Grapeland, was arrested on Tuesday by the Houston County Sheriff’s Office for murder in the Dina Shoemake case.  CBS 19 is giving credit to True Crime TV for covering the story and as a result the authorities were able to find more evidence and statements.

curtis shoemake
curtis shoemake

Original story

Dina Shoemake has been missing since January 19, 2000 from Latexo, Texas.  she went to her ex-husbands home, Curtis Shoemake to help set up a Nintendo game system she had purchased for her children for Christmas.  Dina’s boyfriend reported her missing when she didn’t return after several hours.  Curtis told the police that she had left with someone in a dark green, 1990s model Chevrolet extended cab truck with Texas license plates. she left her own car at his home.

During the investigation, several pieces of Dina’s Jewelry were found at a pawn shop.  The name on the pawn shop ticket was Curtis Shoemake.

Curtis was named a person of interest in Dina’s disappearance.  Curtis was charged with Possession of an Illegal Firearm that was found in his possession.  Curtis has refused a polygraph test.  Read more about Polygraph tests here.

In 2005, the Houston Police Dept. dug up a portion of the foundation to a building on property known as Lost Lake Lodge on CR 1614 in Grapeland. Nothing was found.

Dina Shoemake is 5’4″ tall, and 130 pounds with dark brown hair and green eyes.  She has double pierced ears and a tattoo of a unicorn standing on a cloud with a rainbow over the top on right leg.  She has crooked upper and lower teeth.  She was wearing blue Rocky Mountain jeans, a blue v-neck shirt, black belt with silver ponchos and blue knee-high riding boots.

KTRE News Story

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Houston County Sheriff’s Office
(936) 544-2862

NCIC Number: M-050443601
Case Number: HCSO: 000133RW; DPS: M0306012

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