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Dona Mae Bayerl missing from Wisconsin since 1979

February 23, 2019 – John Bayerl, 78, was arrested on a charge of first degree murder in the disappearance of Dona Mae Bayerl.

The case went from missing to homicide and John was considered a person of interest by the police.  It wasn’t till Feb. 15, 2019, that a warrant for Bayerl’s arrest was issued and the Muskego Police Department traveled to Ft. Myers to take Bayerl into custody with assistance from the Lee County Sheriff’s Department, reports Fox 4 news.  Bayerl waived extradition and is currently in the Waukesha County Jail.

WDJT Milwaukee (CBS58) reported Bayerl having violent and abusive tendencies toward his partners as described by former wives before and after Dona Mae.

The police are hoping someone comes forward with information and that information helps them to locate Donna Mae Bayerl.

Original Story:

Dona Mae Bayerl was last seen at her home on Fennimore Lane in Muskego, Wisconsin on May 6, 1979. According to her husband she left the home after a quarrel, and drove off in the family car. The car was returned that night.

Detective Steve Westphal told TMJ 4:

“Apparently she had an argument with her husband at the time and she returned home after that argument and then at some point either left of something else happened to her and she was never seen from again,” said Detective Westphal.

According to The Doe Network, “police believe she did not leave of her own free will. Police found blood in the garage, determined to be Dona Bayerl’s. A circumstantial case was developed against a suspect, but no charges were issued, because of lack of evidence.

Dona was declared legally dead in 1986.”

Dona would be 77-years-old now. The detective asks anyone with possible information to call police, (262) 679-4130.


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