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Missing Louisiana woman seen in video being thrown into car in 2002 is still missing

The wife of Jerry Fowler, the elections commissioner for the state of Louisiana who was jailed for bribery, went missing in 2002.

Mari Ann Fowler, 65, was on her way from Louisiana to Texas to visit Jerry in prison.  She stopped at a Subway in Port Allen and bought some food.  From there she just disappeared.

Her car was found in the strip mall of the Subway.  Christmas presents were found inside.  The food, her purse and her keys were found on the ground along with a few false fingernails.  The police theorized they came off Mari Ann during a struggle.

Surprisingly, the attack was caught on video.  It wasn’t very clear but the FBI enhanced it enough to see Mari Ann being forced into a Chevy truck, but the video was not clear enough to see who grabbed Mari Ann.

The police believe that the person that took Mari Ann was more than likely Derrick Todd Lee.  He is on death row for murdering seven women.  Lee owned a truck similar to the one see in the video.  Cell phone records place him in Port Allen on the same day as the abduction.  Sadly there was not enough evidence to pursue the case.

Although difficult for us to see, two vehicles one that belong to Mari Ann and the other believed to belong to Lee is seen inside the red circle.

Mari Ann is still missing.  Jerry died in 2009 and Todd Derrik died of natural causes in prison in January 2016.

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