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Do you recognize Jimmy Robinson?

Missing Person Iowa

2018 Update – Jimmy Robinson decided to go back on the road again, according to “Where in tar nation is Jimmy Robinson” Facebook page.  Occasionally people spot him on his route and post photos of him on the road.  You can also read more about Jimmy and what he is up to on the Facebook page  or here.

Original post

A mentally challenged homeless man named Jimmy Robinson was traveling through an Iowa town when he was befriended by a couple.  He left and returned the following year and decided to stay till Spring.  The couple took him to the police station to have his prints and DNA taken.  There was no warrants and no information that would help identify the man.  The couple decided to create a Facebook page called Where in tar nation is Jimmy Robinson.  This is what they do know about the man.

The Facebook post reads:

Jimmy is/was a homeless man of 42 years. We came across Jimmy 2 years ago heading south out of our town towards a larger town in Iowa. We then heard Jimmys story and asked him if he wanted help. He accepted help for a bit before heading south for the winter. We dropped Jimmy off in Kansas City and never expected to hear from him again. With In the last 2 weeks Jimmy managed to find the same group that helped him 2 years ago, and he reached out for help. Jimmy has mental impairments that limit his memory, his ability to complete day-to-day living tasks such as cooking, or cleaning. He also lives with arthritis in his hands, back and feet. He was hit by 2 different cars within 18 months apart. Upon taking Jimmy to the doctor it was ruled he has a major sight impairment. 20/100 vision. Jimmy can not remember much about his past, he knows his name and birthday but beyond this it gets fuzzy as the details of his childhood and younger years have faded. After running prints and his name through the nation’s data base we learn he doesn’t have active warrants, or a criminal background. Also with that we can not find a social security number or record of birth. We have tried every route we can possibly think of, and are coming up empty-handed. We started a facebook group called Where in the tar-nation is Jimmy Robinson” please find the GROUP and help us find a living blood family member, who may be able to connect the missing pieces. Jimmy is currently living in a families home in Iowa, they welcomed him after checking into his background. There are 3 families pulling resources together and daily new people are helping with new leads. We need to share this story, we need to get it nation wide, we need to see the love we know this nation is capable of. We need your help. Please if you know Jimmy, Jimmys family or have suggestions on where we can go for answers let us know



*Jimmy Robinson
*Dob: 9/7/1958
*5’8 or 5’9
*160 pounds
*Brown/grey hair
*Brown eyes
*No tatoos
*Scar on forehead is a sunburn scar and is new this year.
*Arizona, or Minnesota is possibly birth state
*Street Married too Robin (last name unknown)
*Education unknown
*Jimmy is NOT Jimmy Don from Oklahoma
* Jimmy has completed DNA and Finger printing. They have been submitted to CODIS, and Ancestry kit has been sent in, give up too 8 weeks for results.

If you would like to help Jimmy financially, please click on this GoFundMe page.

If you recognize Jimmy, please contact the Facebook page.

Why Facebook sharing works

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