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Carol Evans missing person from Georgia

Carol Evans

Missing Person Georgia Carol Evans

UPDATE 11/10/20:  Carol Evans is still missing.

Video from 2017

Original’s Story:  The Troup County Sheriff’s Office is resumed the search for Carol Evans who has been missing since November 10, 2017.  Carol Evans, 75,  was last seen at her home at 238 Lower Lovelace Rd., in Westpoint, Georgia around 2 PM.  Police believe it’s possible she left walking from her house.

Bill Evans told the Daily Ledger:  ““I had been gone about an hour. I have a tractor that I keep over in [another] building, and it’s got a regular garage door on it where the light [will turn] on when you open and close the door. I left the door open. It also comes on if someone goes in there. When I got back from across the road with the tractor, the light was already on,” Bill said. “I didn’t think anything about it. I thought it was a dog or something that had walked in there.”

The Troup County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook, “The search for her will resume tomorrow morning utilizing specially trained K-9 teams and at this time we are not asking for any volunteers to come to the area of Lower Lovelace Rd. as it could hamper the use of the K-9’s.”

Missing Person Georgia

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