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Confession leads to possible remains of Jennifer Walsh and her baby son; missing person California

Missing Person California

Jennifer Anne Walsh, 23, went missing on January 9, 2009 from California.  Thomas Riffenburg, Jennifer’s husband  had taken her to the unemployment office in San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, California.  According to Riffenburg, Walsh had been caught with marijuana in her possession and she ran out of the office and gave their son, 16-month-old Alexander to Riffenburg because she was worried that child services would take him from her.  Riffenburg stated that Jennifer told him to drive away.  Riffenburg left and went to the home of Jennifer’s mom, Joanne Fern.
Three days later, when Jennifer never showed up, Fern went to the police to tell them that Jennifer was missing and left Riffenburg to care for Alexander.  When she returned Riffenburg and Alexander were gone.  Money and jewelry were missing and a note from Riffenburg said Jennifer, Alexander and he, were ‘leaving for a better life.”
Jennifer never got back in touch with her family.  From 2009 to 2015 Riffenburg was arrested for burglary several times.   During one of those arrests he murdered one of his cellmates in 2013.  Then in June 2017, what Riffenburg stated was a “smack on the head from God,” he confessed to authorities that he had killed Jennifer, reports CNN.  Riffenburg drew a map of where Jennifer and their baby son, Alexander were.  Unbelievable, it showed Jennifer’s grave in her sister’s backyard; Alexander’s behind Fern’s house.
Thomas Riffenburg

Human remains believed to be Jennifer’s were found, but are awaiting the results of DNA testing for confirmation.  Alexander’s remains have not been found at this writing.
Missing Person California
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