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Six women missing from Albuquerque since 2001

Many women were found buried in a mass grave in Albuquerque in 2009. The case was dubbed the work of the West Mesa Bone Collector.  In the end 11 female bodies were found and authorities state that six more are still missing.

Six women from 2001 and 2006 are still missing and have not been found, Darlene Truillijo, Filipa Gonzales, Nina Herron, Leah Peebles, Anna Vigil and Shawntell Waites.

Mary Love Anderson, Anna’s sister recently posted on Facebook, “Help me spread this city to city state to state. My sister Anna love Vigil is still missing, first missing date was january 2005. thought to be one of the west mesa victims in new mexico when the west mesa mystery accured but was not identified as one of them. please help spread the word in hope’s there will be an answer to what happened where she could be.”

Authorities believe that in 2011 there was a second burial ground where these missing women may be.

New Mexico’s Missing Persons List

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