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Could this Jane Doe be Amy Westreicher?

Missing Person Utah

Missing Person California

Could this Jane Doe be Amy Westreicher? I received a message from Tara Kellick Edwards and she told me that she had found what she believes is a match for missing Amy Westreicher.

“I posted this on your page and I’ve also contacted the Utah and California police departments. I haven’t gotten any reply back from either side. I can’t just let this go,” said Tara.  “I also read the unidentified body in Casper’s Park was found in a shallow grave. So she was murdered. I don’t understand why this isn’t being taken seriously. Please help me solve these mysteries.”

UB Media reported:

Westreicher, 33, was last seen in late March 2010. She’d gotten into a verbal argument with a friend and left a location in Roosevelt on foot, according to Sgt. Jeremy Chapman. A former boyfriend reported her missing in August, the sergeant said.

 “We don’t know if she got picked up by somebody or what exactly happened,” Chapman said. “She just hasn’t been heard from or seen since.”

The police can move slowly when it comes to Jane Doe or cold cases.  Many times they just don’t have the staff to cover these cases.  It also looks as though Amy’s family is not around advocating for her.  Family and friends is the best advocates for the missing, but if Amy’s family or friends are not there for whatever reason, there is no one leading the charge to find her, unless someone like Tara comes along.

Tara posted about Amy, “Today as I was researching the death of a friend I noticed on The Orange County California Coroners website all the unidentified people. That’s when I thought I’d google missing people and I was taken back when I saw this picture of Amy Westreicher. Here are the links I’ve researched…/div…/prof/coroner/ud/jane/14_00097.asp

She was originally from California and went missing in Utah and the remains found of the unidentified woman was found in the same area she was from in California. Things just seem so similar, broken nose and all

If you can help Tara with advice and help on the next step to see if this Jane Doe and Amy are a match, let us know, by putting a comment below.  Tara and I will be reading.  Thank you, everyone!

Amy Westreicher missing from Utah

8 thoughts on “Could this Jane Doe be Amy Westreicher?

  1. Great research and details!! I contacted Orange County as well. I told them a social media buzz was brewing and they should check it out. Tattoos match, broken nose, Amy was from California. We’ll see what happens.
    Unfortunately she is not listed on any FBI missing links. They are usually responsive.
    If I don’t hear anything from them, I’ll start calling people.

  2. NamUs lists the unidentified CA woman as still pending. There is no Amy Westreicher missing from Utah in the database…now I’m puzzled…going to research that Amy is indeed still missing and if she is I’ll contact NamUs. Amy Westreicher was NOT one of the names listed as being ruled out as a match for the deceased woman in CA.

  3. Just got off the phone with Utah. They just must not have contacted Tara but the wheels are in motion! Family still lives in the area and they are in the process of comparison!

    1. Thank you so much, not sure if my messages are going through on this site. Had a real hard time logging in to reply to you. Thank you, Utah P.D. never got back to me but Orange County has. They assured me they will follow this through.

      1. Yay! The Utah detective I spoke to assured me he had spoken to the CA corner and the case has been being looked for a week or so.
        So it sounds like that even though they didn’t reply at 1st, they DID take you seriously! That is so important! It helps others see that if you know something, say something works sometimes when we never it did!
        Great job!

        1. So good to hear they are both in communication. This is truly a mystery. It’s been stressful thinking about it and wondering what happened and all the whys. Why did I happen to click these two cases together. It’s quite stressful.

  4. I’ve had such a hard time logging into this website so I can reply. Thank you everyone for delving your heart and time into finding out the truth. It’s really taken a toll on my spirit. Never would I have imagined trying to find answers to a friends passing would end up like this. I did find my answers and our friend committed suicide. This has been a long week and I’m thankful the wheels are turning on these two cases. God Bless You All

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