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Kelly Steiniger missing from Missouri FOUND

Kelly Steiniger


February 10, 2018 –   The O’Fallon Police Dept. stated that during a ground search they found human remains in an overgrown ravine.  The area was east of Highway K and Technology Drive.  The police believe the remains belong to Kelly Steiniger.  They will need a positive identification from the coroner.  They did not state why they believe the body belonged to Kelly.  It may be they also found clothing or jewelry that belonged to Kelly.   Sergeant Robert Kendall to Fox news they had searched that area several times before, and when they located the remains it was under a thick brush.  The police have stated they do not believe it was foul play.  Kelly’s mother posted on social media:

Keely Steinger
Kelly Steinger

Original Story

Kelly Steiniger, 39, has been missing from Missouri since December 6, 2017.  Kelly is from O’Fallon.  Sandy Cosgrove, Kelly’s mother said Kelly was last seen walking to a QT gas station located on Highway K and 40.   Also, Sandy is pleading for the publics help to locate her daughter, as she is worried that her daughter is being held against her will.

Kelly Steiniger

Kelly has always been in contact with her mother and her 11-year-old son.  Sandy says that is unlike her daughter as they are very close and she would also be in contact.

“This is very unlike her,” Sandy said. “She would never not contact me or her son.”

Jason Jones posted on Facebook:  “This is my girl!! Kelly Steiniger is missing!! i need all my street boys and my peeps to let me know if you see her anywhere. il and mo!! look out for me . i love this girl!! she has a kid and family missing her. i promise not to do anything drastic if you know anything. let me know please. put word out. ive been in touch with some of her family. g boys get ahold of me if you see anything — with Kelly Steiniger.”

Kelly Steiniger is 5’3″ tall, 102 pounds, with several tattoos on both arms. She has a tattoo of a cat face on her left hand.

Kelly Steiniger
Kelly Steiniger

If you know the whereabouts of Kelly contact Detective Scott Pierce at 636-379-5646 or


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