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Is this Jane Doe a match for Sandy Rea?

Missing Person Oklahoma Sandy Rea

Sandy Rea, 17,  went missing from Shawnee, Oklahoma on September 19, 1984.  Her cousin, an employee at the Windsor Bowling alley, said that Sandy asked him for a ride to a party at the lake, but he couldn’t leave work yet.  Later, he saw Sandy calling several people from a payphone, asking for a ride home.  Eventually, around 10 p.m. Sandy found a ride, but where she went was unknown.

Witness statements in later years of the investigation indicated other possible sightings of her at parties, including one at Shawnee Twin Lakes.  During the last three decades, police have conducted about 200 interviews in connection with Sandy Rea’s case.

Sandy Rea
Sandy Rea


There were many theories as to what happened to Sandy.  One is she attended a “Suits party” which are organized by affluent Pottawatomie County businessmen and attorneys who reportedly preyed on teenagers.  Another was a possible overdosing and the guests hid her body.  There is a theory an abusive ex boyfriend named Danny McLeod, who she had an off and on relationship with, may have harmed her.  Lastly, the most recent theory is of her stepfather, Jim Wells, who died four years ago.  Rea’s mother, Carol Wells, now believes her ex-husband raped Sandy, who became pregnant, and was involved in killing her to keep the teenage girl quiet.

Much more details can be read about Sandy’s case from the story the Red Dirt News did in 2014.

Tara Keltic Edwards came across this Jane Doe that she believes may just be Sandy.

“It’s a long way from where she went missing but worth ruling out.”

Comparison of Sandy Rea and Jane Doe

Posted are both Sandy’s and the Jane Doe’s information and links to for you to look over.

Shawnee Jane Doe
Jane Doe Santa Ana Canyon Road for Jane Doe

Individuals ruled out:

Ann Anderson Unknown California
Paula Bishop Unknown California
Marie Blee 1964 Colorado
Cynthia Carmack 1971 Ohio
Vickie Carriere 1968 Louisiana

NAMUS.Gov for Sandy

If you have any information that can help solve Sandy’s disappearance, please call the Shawnee Police Department at (405) 273-2121

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