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Jesse Leopold missing from Iowa

Missing Person Iowa Jesse Leopold

Jesse Leopold, 23, was last seen in Jewell on October 13, 2016.   He had left work and told his supervisor at W&G Marketing he was going to go get his medicine before his lunch break at 6:30 p.m.  Jesse left behind his sunglasses, cigarettes, personal shoes and billfold. Jesse’s roommate called his father on October 14, when Jesse did not return home.  Jesse’s purple Ford truck was found on canyon Road in Ledges State Park on October 16, according to Jesse’s dad, Jerry.  It was unlocked and the keys were inside.

There has been no bank activity since Jesse’s disappearance.

Jesse leopold
Jesse Leopold

Jerry wrote on social media, “3 weeks before my son moved out of my house he looked at me and said ( Dad if anything ever happens to me it was Jason Richeson, Cory Miller and two doors away from them.) Cory was living with Jason. I replied( Son, what the hell are you talking about?) He said ( That is all I am going to say.) I have learned not to push it get’s me nowhere. 3 weeks after he moved out he was gone.”

The News Republican talked with Jerry.  He told them that Jesse was struggling with bipolar, depression and anxiety. Jesse had indicated to his father that he could not afford to refill his prescription.  Jerry posted on Facebook, “My son told me about his problem not having enough medication for the month and that between the end of one prescription and the beginning of the next he would get a little meth to help. He also told me he was getting it from Jason and Cory.”

The Boone County Search and Rescue have searched for Jesse. What is peculiar is that search dogs could not pick up Jesse’s scent on the ground outside the truck.  It definitely should have been there if he drove his truck there and got out.  Why it was not is all speculation at this time.  Jerry posted on social media regarding this subject, “Lance, he told me that my son said to him that Jason threatened him with this ( If we ever wanted to make you disappear we would put your truck some place and have everyone looking in the wrong direction while we get rid of you somewhere else.)”

Jerry is dedicated to locating his son and continues his search for him.  There is a Facebook page with more information called “Find Jesse Leopold – Boone, IA.”  There is also a Go Fund Me Page.

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