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Stephanie Falchetti missing from Houston FOUND

stephanie falchetti

Missing Person Texas Stephanie Falchetti

UPDATE:  Stephanie Falchetti has been found in an emergency room in Katy, per her sister-in-law.

Stephanie Falchetti, 42, is missing from Houston, Texas since Saturday, December 30, 2017.  She was last seen walking to Valero on Highway 6 and Keith Harrow.  She was wearing a long black coat “Guess” brand, black rain boots, blue shirt, white ski cap with red treading.  Stephanie recently had surgery on her right arm and has a long scar on the underside of her right arm.”

Leonardo Falchetti, Stephanie’s husband, posted, “Please share. My wife, Stephanie Falchetti has been missing since sat night. She left the house with only her purse and the clothes on her back. No car no phone just gone. No communication has been made so I ask you please to help me find my wife. Missing persons report has been created but you know the police can only do so much. She was last seen walking to Valero on hwy 6 and Kieth harrow. Since then nothing…. please please please share.”

Stephanie Falchetti
Stephanie Falchetti

More about Stephanie

Lucy Shockney, Stephanie’s sister-in-law posted on social media, “PLEASE REPOST Praying friends please pray in agreement with me. A dear loved one has gone missing for two days now. Stephanie Falchetti has not been herself lately. We have contacted police. Now we need the prayers of the saints to make a chorus before God to agree with heaven that A. She is physically alright B. She is no harm C. That her life will be transformed and turned around so she will never again doubt the goodness of God and the beautiful life that she has. Pray for my brother Leonardo Alberto Falchetti and for her children. You can imagine what they are experiencing. She hasn’t done this before and she has nothing in her possession but what she was wearing. No phone no purse. Pray that light will Be shed as to where she is and that The Father will redeem this situation for His good as only He can. We love Stephanie. We will not rest until she is found. Please share this post. She was last seen in her home near Highway Six and Keith Harrow. If you know anything please contact me here.”

Click here to help support the family’s Go Fund Me fundraiser.  They need money to help search and print flyers, etc.

If you have any information please call Harris County Sheriff Office at 713-221-6000  case # 17-206991

Stephanie Falchetti
Stephanie Falchetti

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