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Keith Mastell missing from Texas since 2006

Missing Persons Texas Keith Mastell

Keith Mastell has been missing from Texas since 2006.  He was last seen on April 28, 2006 heading to work at a factory in Denton by his step-mother.  He never arrived and has not been seen from since.

The Doe Network states that, “Keith was working at a factory and doing ok, when the evening before his disappearance his Jeep was impounded for unpaid parking tickets. Keith was packing that day and his stepmom told him that they could help him work through this and offered him a ride to work. Keith decided to leave with only a laundry basket. He called a yellow cab after telling his stepmom that they had done enough for him.”

Keith was a “loner” and liked to rock climb and ride bikes and was not interested in material things.  The family believes he was suffering with depression at the time of his disappearance.

Keith’s brother, Dave Mastell, has hired a private investigator to look into Keith’s disappearance.  Investigator Amy Ward said, ‘Most people who disappear leave a paper trail.  Keith has not applied for a driver’s license, utilities, credit or even gotten a ticket, as he had before he went missing.”

Although, Keith had been missing for years, he was never reported missing.  At the suggestion of Ward the family contact law enforcement and made a missing report for Keith in November 2017.  they also provided DNA.  Ward is now listed as missing with NAMUS and the Doe Network.

Keith Mastell description

Keith was 23 when he disappeared and would be 35 now.  He is 6 feet tall, 160 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.

Ward believes that someone knows what happened to Keith.  If you have any information as to Keith’s whereabouts, please contact Ward at or 254-319-6979.


Keith Mastell
Keith Mastell

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