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Juchou Joseph Mao missing from Rowland Heights since December 2017 FOUND

Joseph Mae

Missing Person California Juchou Joseph Mao

UPDATE 1/10/17 – I received a message from Stella that Joseph Mao has been found.  Stella wrote, “A billion thanks for your help. I wanted to let you know that my brother had just been found. It wouldn’t have happened without your help. We can’t thank you enough. I’m calling/writing to friends and family. And will post the news to the FB page as soon as I can.”

Joseph was found at a psychiatric hospital where the county sheriff took him.  No explanation as to why the sheriff had no records of this.

Juchou Joseph Mao, 44, has been missing from Rowland Heights, California since December 25, 2017.  He was last seen near Albatross and Colima Road.

Juchou’s sister, Stella stated that Juchou is also known as Joseph.  Juchou is pronounced as (jüchü) or ju as in “juice” and chou as in “chew.”  It is okay to call him Joseph (much easier to pronounce and he’ll respond to it). She also stated that Juchou has suffered from severe mental illnesses; Schizophrenia, anxiety depression and OCD for 24 years.

“My parents have been taking care of him practically all of his life because of his severe mental illness. He cannot communicate (cannot look at people in their eyes, unable to carry on conversations, can’t even speak coherently), doesn’t have any skills, cannot take care of himself (cannot cook, cannot clean, has problems even taking care of his own hygiene) therefore, due to his lack of communications, needless to say social skills, he has no friends,” said Stella. “Joseph was born in Taiwan and been in the US since high school. He could communicate in English before the onset of his mental illness but over the years he’s lost almost all of his English language skills (very limited English proficiency now). His first language is mandarin, so he can still speak it in the rare occasions where he talks.”

Joseph Mae
Juchou Joseph Mae

More about Joseph Mao

When Joseph left he was on foot and had no money, no cell phone and now credit car and took only what he was wearing at the time.  There would be no place that he would have gone to, as he only knows his family and home.  Stella and her parents are worried about Joseph’s welfare and where he might be.

Stella noted that Joseph’s mental illness has gotten worse this past year.

“I think because of it he has done this multiple times in the past but never left home more than one day,” said Stella.  “The last time he did this he was taken back home in the same day from Diamond Bar by county sheriff.”  Stella also said, “He needs to take diabetes medication but with his mental illness, he didn’t take any with him and wouldn’t be seeking out for it. He is so sick mentally that he wouldn’t take medication unless my mom hands it to him.”

Traits and mannerisms

Stella said that Joseph has some traits and mannerisms that would help people to recognize him.

  • He has a blank stare
  • When around people, he’s always looking down and away from people’s eyes.
  • He sometimes talks to himself, which looks as if he’s talking on his cell phone (But he really is talking to no real person… He’s having conversations with the voice in his head).
  • He arches his back a little
  • He moves very slowly, walks very slowly.
  • One of his arms has been injured before and is more stiff in motion

Joseph was last seen wearing a gray jacket, blue small floral print top and pants, and he has black hair and black eyes and is 5’11” tall and 165 pounds, although he may be much thinner now.

Is Joseph homeless?

Joseph could be out in the homeless community around the greater Los Angeles area and/or Orange County. If you can share this story with people you work with the homeless in the Los Angeles or Orange County area there is a possibility it may help in locating Joseph.  With Joseph’s inability to communicate he may be somewhere being taken care of by some caring person or organization that does not know that his family is looking for him.

Stella wants everyone to know, “Joseph has severe mental illness and cannot take care of himself. His family especially his elderly parents in their 80s are worried sick about him. If you see him or have any information about him please let us know or contact the police. Thank you so much.”

Joseph Mao
Joseph Mao Poster


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